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Accessories to master your makeup  

Ready to master your makeup game? TamedX was born from a purpose. Reduce waste and cutdown costs while being convenient to carry. For both professional make-up artists and the everyday makeup wearer, across the globe. Lashes 2 years in the making that have been crafted to fit everybody's individual style. TamedX lashes are bespoke unlike any other, remaining of the highest of quality, responsibly made and user friendly. Made from synthetic fibres with cases you can reuse and refill. Designed with a band that is flat, not pointy, allowing for comfortability on the lash line. We are a brand creating change and making self expression easy, with affordable tools that won’t add excess waste to our world. 

TamedX founder, Johnny Thorpe has been a qualified makeup artist and educator for the last 12+ years. His unique positioning within the makeup industry gives him the upper hand in understanding client needs and desires in makeup and lash & makeup application.

our values

Authenticity - 

Ingredients don’t lie, and neither do we. We have strived to craft a brand that is authentic and honest to our core. 

✓Synthetic fibres ✓Flat band ✓User friendly ✓Sustainable ✓Soft and wispy

Growth - 

Our favourite part of our platform is seeing others grow. And as a brand, we hope to grow with you. We can’t wait to see you grow in your application skills, with TamedX by your side. 

Improvement - 

We are constantly looking to improve our craft. Individual lashes are not a new concept, however as a business we are constantly looking to create change in our world and for our customers, so that you are purchasing from a brand that you are proud to support.

Mastery - 

We have mastered our lashes, so you can master your lash application. TamedX allows you to stack 4-5 lash sheets in our cases, making it extra easy to take multiple sheets of lashes with you on the go. In the most compact case on the market

Imagination - 

We may or may not believe in fairies… but we most certainly believe anything is possible with our lashes. TamedX allows you to create any look imaginable with our user friendly and flexible lashes. Craft your vision and make it a reality.

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